Chemical Analyst

Date Posted: August 9, 2019
Reports To: Chief Process Engineer
Location: Punta Arenas
Duration: Full-time

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Position Summary

Coordinate the service and/or execute both the analysis activities of methanol process variables, such as calibration and the maintenance of equipment in the laboratory, to contribute to obtaining a product and quality process and preserve the ISO 9001 certification, according to the standards and procedures of the Company.

Position Responsibilities

  • Schedule and execute the maintenance and calibration of online analyzers and laboratory equipment, to maintain the reliability and operation of the equipment that allows certifying the quality of the final product and process effluents, according to the standards defined by the Company.
  • Coordinate the service and certify the competencies of the external laboratory service personnel and/or execute the analyzes in the Laboratory and online analyzers, to contribute to the proper operation of the Laboratory, Online Analyzers and Product Quality.
  • Support and/or advise the different operational areas and projects of the Company in matters of online analytical control of the process and/or laboratory, to contribute to the reliability in the operation of the Plants and as technical support to the implementation of projects related to improvements.
  • Monitor the calibration of the online analyzers (chromatographs) of gas supply companies, to ensure compliance with protocols related to chromatograph calibration.
  • Follow up the inventory and logistics of laboratory reagent supplies, to maintain the product certification process.

Position Qualifications

  • Chemical Engineer, Chemical Analyst, Electrical / Electronic Engineer, Electronic Technician or Instrumentalist.
  • Experience of at least 10 years in areas related to Instrumental Techniques and/or Instrumental Chemistry, such as: gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, UV atomic absorption spectrophotometry, Visible, physical-chemical analysis of water, gases and hydrocarbons.
  • Advanced English proficiency.
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