At Methanex, we know that our team extends beyond our doors and into the communities where we operate. We have a long-term commitment to bring positive change to Damietta communities through grassroot and sustainable initiatives that stem out of real community needs.

At Methanex in Egypt, our focus on open and transparent collaboration with our neighbors, community leaders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community development associations (CDAs) has helped us build trust with the community and respond successfully to local concerns and needs.

Our community investment priorities reflect the global and local nature of our business and focus on areas where Methanex can make a unique and sustainable difference in Egypt including empowerment & training, health, education and many others.



As part of our commitment to positively contribute to the communities in which we operate in a sustainable manner and invest in long-term impactful initiatives, Methanex in Egypt provides training and capacity building workshops to different groups within the Damietta community to enhance services provided and individuals’ living standards.

In 2018, Methanex in Egypt worked with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to provide the Get Ahead for Women in Enterprise training to 108 women from Damietta in the first four rounds of the project. Get Ahead is designed to address the practical and strategic needs of low-income women in enterprise by strengthening their basic business and people management skills.

Over the years Methanex in Egypt continued to support the community in Damietta by sponsoring annual capacity-building programs in Sananya, Kafr El Battikh and Kafr Saad. These have included workshops on kindergarten teacher training, product development and marketing for income-generating projects, and strategic planning for NGOs.



One of our key community social responsibility focus areas is health. Through our contributions, we support the enhancement of medical services and facilities within the surrounding communities of Kafr Saad, Kafr El Battikh, Sananeya and Damietta in general.

Throughout the years we have provided the Kafr El Battikh central hospital, Damietta Fever hospital and Damietta Cancer Institute, three of main hospitals in the governorate, with the essential equipment to support a population of more than 1.5 million residents. Methanex in Egypt’s support included providing kidney dialysis machines, more than 160 intensive care unit (ICU) beds, chemo-therapy chairs, ICU ventilators, neonatal units for premature babies and many other equipment across the years. We have also built a medical centre for the Friends of Liver Patients Association of Kafr El Battikh, which serves approximately 1,500 families. In addition, our social responsibility (SR) team and some volunteer employees have organized a number of medical caravans providing much needed medical services to nearby villages across the years each serving 2000 patients.



Education has been a key focus area for our social responsibility program over the years. One of our main educational social responsibility projects is a flagship scholarship program executed with the support of Misr El Kheir foundation providing 10 high-school graduates from Damietta with a full stipend to support their university education. The scholarship is given out each year until graduation, provided they maintain their academic standard. So far, we have been able to support 33 top students.

To encourage students to attain high academic scores throughout the different academic years, Methanex organizes an annual recognition event for outstanding students in nearby villages. Almost 100 top performers at different academic stages were recognized so far.

Our team has also invested in the infrastructure of Kindergartens around Damietta through providing financial support, building, renovating and/or equipping them with necessary educational materials and tools. Five Kindergartens (KGs) were supported so far reaching 1700 students and providing essential pre-school education that would have otherwise been unattainable for children of these communities. In addition, we provided teachers with capacity-building programs and teacher training to equip them with the necessary techniques and modern educational methodologies.  This was also extended to school teachers of children with special needs to enhance the teachers’ efficiency and skills.


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