Canadian Pacific Railway recognizes Methanex’s commitment to transportation safety

Since our restart in 2011, Methanex has shipped nearly 26,000 railcars of methanol to our customers throughout Western Canada and the Northwestern United States. As a Responsible Care® company, Methanex is committed to ensuring that every railcar is delivered safely and securely to its destination.

In October 2015, Methanex was recognized for the third consecutive year by Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (CP) for our safe shipping practices. In a ceremony in Calgary, Methanex received the CP Safe Shipper Award for 2014, which is given to companies that annually transport over 500 railcars of hazardous products safely.

“In 2014 we loaded approximately 417,000 metric tonnes of methanol into nearly 4,900 railcars without any releases with CP,” said Cindy Martin, product handler supervisor. “As a company, we hold ourselves accountable for ensuring that neither people nor the environment is negatively impacted by our work, and we readily engage in programs and initiatives that encourage continued transportation safety.”

As part of our commitment to transportation safety, Methanex abides by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations and Industrial Railway Regulation. We have also implemented a Rail Safety Management System, which provides a systematic way to control safety risks. Methanex also introduced a North American Railcar Preventative Maintenance program, allowing us to set stringent preventative maintenance and inspection standards to ensure that rail equipment meets and/or exceeds legislated standards. All of our railcars are inspected, maintained, and appropriately upgraded.

“Methanex’s commitment to transportation safety extends beyond the perimeter of our property,” said Paul Daoust, plant manager. “We are committed to delivering our product to our customers safely and reliably, and it’s rewarding to see this dedication recognized."