Over the past eleven years, Methanex has invested more than TT$10 million in community initiatives throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Methanex makes ongoing investments of time and money to support the communities in which we live and work. Volunteerism is encouraged among employees, as a vehicle for demonstrating our Core Values through community-giving and creating developmental opportunities for emerging leaders within our organization.
Our involvement focuses on community outreach initiatives that align with our commitment to education, safety, health and the environment.

A Winning Partnership


In 2015, Methanex’s Eco-Heroes initiative copped the prestigious Trinidad and Tobago Energy Chamber’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award for ‘Best Social Investment Project’. Our Eco-Heroes initiative has reached over 19,000 families through 38 primary schools, evolving from a walkathon to raise funds for schools’ environmental projects, to a plasti-thon that is pegged to library upgrades. By removing 451,000 plastic bottles in 10 weeks for recycling, young students initiated behaviour change for a cleaner, healthier environment. Their efforts realized long-term literacy gains for 16 schools as Methanex partnered with the Ministry of Education and the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) to raise the standard of primary school libraries. This is a ‘Win-Win’ partnership that can positively impact the literacy and environmental consciousness of our children.

Mentoring Junior Leaders

Our 'Mentoring Our Children' (MOC) program pairs Methanex employees with high-potential secondary school students from low-income families. As mentors, Methanex employees encourage students to think about the professional and personal possibilities that come with a commitment to sound education, strong values and responsible choices. Employees lead and manage the program with company funding for activities. 

In 2009, the company’s involvement was increased through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to improve the living conditions of students with the most urgent need. Houses have been constructed for four families to date. Methanex funds the construction material, our employee volunteers join families in providing sweat equity and Habitat for Humanity manages the project.

In 2014, Methanex was recognized for this work when we received the 'Best Social Investment Project' CSR Award from the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago.


Engaging Communities

Our Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is supporting Methanex in building sustainable relationships in fence line communities, as an important link for information sharing and feedback. In partnership with the CAP, we have hosted developmental workshops for teenagers and adults, including Certified Training in First Aid and CPR, a Kitchen Garden for the Couva Home for the Aged, Personal Safety Awareness, Preparing Young Adults for the World of Work, Self-Esteem, Career Guidance, Fabric Design, and Teenage Pregnancy Prevention.




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